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Liverpool Indie Choir


Thinking of joining Liverpool indie choir?

Why wouldn't you?!?! All the fun of choir plus you get to sing loads

of cool indie songs!!

Still not sure!?! Read my blog for lots more reasons to join choir


Why should I join choir?


Always wanted to Join a choir? Never had the confidence? To be fair its a huge step; fear of the unknown, meeting new people and then of course there is the singing; will I be any good? What if people laugh at me? 

    From the outside some of these fears may seem slightly irrational, but for many the fear is real… So here is the reality; Choir is massively rewarding and fulfilling on so many levels, and like many other activities, you really do get out what you put in. 

    My name is Tim Taylor and I have been running and singing in choirs now for 5 years. Its tough, its up and down, the lows are low and the highs are incredibly high. For me choir incorporated two of my biggest passions; music, and people. I’ve been a lover of music for as long as I can remember, listening to my parents record collection, recording tracks off the radio, (no Spotify in them days) and then the obligatory journey into playing in bands as a teenager. But enough waffling from me, back to talking about choir. So you want to join a choir? What about when you get there? The reality is that once you’ve made the initial leap to join a choir, you’ll never look back.

Allow me to list some of the positives I have taken from running, and singing in choirs…


1. You meet amazing people. All of the people you will meet have all been in the same situation as yourself, shall I shan’t I. They, like you, have made the leap and know how you’re feeling, so a few small introductions and you’ll wonder what all the fuss is about. I have met lots of wonderful people being involved in choir, both as a choir leader and a choir member.


  1. Self confidence. For me, choir and self confidence go hand in hand, the longer you’re a member the more your confidence grows. And not just confidence in singing; Confidence in yourself as an individual, confidence in your abilities, and more confidence when dealing with people.


3.  Interpersonal skills. Working in such close proximity with other people can only have a positive effect on the way we interact with people, as essentially ‘we are all in the same boat’ as it were, all heading toward the same objective, that of collectively making music together. 

Remember… Teamwork makes the dream work!! 


4. Choir is a great place to find your voice. This is so true. It was a quite a revelation to me to discover that one of the most beautiful musical instruments known to man was right inside of me!  One of the things I hear constantly is “oh I can’t sing”. The reality is completely different. Scientific studies show that the VAST MAJORITY of people are perfectly able to hold a tune and therefore have the potential to be choir members.

I feel personally that people believe that if their voice doesn’t sound like Pavarotti or Beyonce then they believe they cannot sing. 

    This of course is simply not true, and if you’re unsure if you have any singing ability then joining a choir will allow you to try out your voice without the pressure of expectation as a solo performer. And of course, lets not forget, the voice is a part of the human body, so therefore has the potential to be improved with the correct training.


5. Singing makes you feel good. Again (with the scientists!) group singing has been proven to improve the mood, and feeling of wellbeing of participants. For me, no matter what mood I am in, a spell of singing always makes me feel better, its a similar feeling you get after you’ve been on a run; tired but happy. There is a something very emotional and tribal about group singing, something which is not easily replicated anywhere else.


6. Personal Development. So what next? You’ve been singing in choir for a while now, your confidence has increased, you’re loving the music, what next? Maybe another choir? Some musical tuition? Singing lessons? Open mic nights? The world is your oyster so if you want to improve your music skills, choir will give you a solid base with which to get started.



I hope you’ve enjoyed my article about why you should join choir, I’ve certainly enjoyed writing it! For me its the best thing I’ve done, for all of the reasons I’ve given above, and for so many incredible experiences I have been so privileged to be a part of. 


About the author


Tim Taylor is a musician from Liverpool. He started his musical career as a teenager, playing drums in various bands. In 2014 he embarked on a career as a choir leader. He currently runs several successful choirs across the city, including Now! choir, Liverpool indie choir, and Liverpool inspirational voices, a choir for visually impaired adults. He was also a member of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir, performing in over 20 concerts.

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